With Gratitude


I should begin with saying this picture has absolutely nothing to do with my Thanksgiving celebrating. Since my Thanksgiving was spent watching football and CSI:NY via Netflix and eating Chicken and Stars Soup (it was a big step up from previous days) I didn’t think to document the day.

But, even though this has been a kinda physically painful week, I still have so much to be grateful for and the picture totally represents that.

Sunday night, after an early and really lovely Thanksgiving with my inlaws I had a (unbeknownst to me) gallbladder attack. I just knew I was in pain and a whole lot of it. It got so bad I ended up in the ER at three a.m. After an EKG, an xray, and an ultrasound, they finally determined it was in fact my gallbladder. After a couple doses of morphine I was much more comfortable although not pain-free.

I spend Monday in a Percocet induced fog and sleep. Tuesday my body didn’t need the drugs and I still slept most of the day. By Wednesday I was sore, bloated, and nauseous on and off…which is really just how my week has progressed. Everyday a little less nausea, a little less pain. A whole lot of love for my heating pad and finding anything I could eat to sooth my stomach.

So, Thanksgiving was quiet and that’s ok. It’s great in fact. Because everyday I’ve had wonderful people asking how I am, what they can do, praying and loving me. So my gratitude this year is for these amazing people God has put in my life. My family, my friends, strangers met along the way – I have been beyond blessed.

My husband who has been just loving, supportive and bend over backward awesome. My mom who would come running if there was any little something I needed. Friends who pray my pain away enough to sleep without meds. My brother who told me to try pancakes when I thought nothing would stay down. Pancakes! My phone has been a constant source of love notes and offers for help from all my amazing people.

The doctors, nurses, hospital and office staff who have come into my life this week have also been so wonderful. Kind, gentle, helpful, and joyful; they’ve made this somewhat frustrating week be not so bad. It says a lot about people who can make your ER visit and surgery consultation a good time. I’m sure God had just who I needed on duty just when I needed them.

It’s a without-a-doubt fact that The Best Things In Life – Aren’t Things. Thank you amazing people in my life, my gratitude is all for you!


About Stephanie

I'm a thirty-something wife, a Mama who loves family, dogs & bunnies. A daughter who loves to cook & bake. A sister who loves to sew & knit. A friend who loves to gab & laugh. I'm a christian & a maker of things. I'm a curator of memories, a photographer of life, a writer of stories. I'm a girl who is learning to love the richness of life in all it's fullness. A girl choosing to seek gratitude for my ordinary everyday. A girl learning about choosing to live in joy. Connect with me on Twitter/Instagram/Flickr @BextraordinaryU

One response to “With Gratitude

  1. Aubrey R

    Grateful for you, too. (((hugs)))

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