Little Eggs


Good morning, friends!
This morning I am waking up with excited anticipation!

I’ve finished taking my fertility drugs, gotten my shots, and have seen three little eggs on my ultrasound. You can see them on the monitor in the photo above if you look close. They are the darkest grey/black circle – ish things. They are smallest to largest left to right. Dr B was measuring the largest one during this photo and the white dots are the indications for that. Once they’re the right size (mature) I was given a trigger shot to tell my body to let them out of the ovaries and into the tubes where we’re hoping they meet some swimmers and begin to grow.

So that’s the quickie update,  but let’s back up and talk drugs for a second. The first drug I took was Clomid; it was a couple of pills every day for five days. I didn’t really notice anything very different or have any side effects to speak of, just slightly elevated emotions and a bit of an acne breakout.

The next thing was a shot in my belly of a drug called Menapur. This expensive little thing didn’t hurt and was barely noticeable until I began to feel my ovaries.  It’s sounds strange to tell people your ovaries hurt, but that’s what the Menapur did; made two little balls of achy-ness in my abdomen. It also made my acne hyper! I got little red dots and tiny white-head zits, a few on my face, more on my neck and chest. So that is weird but not uncomfortable, I’m happy to look polka dotted if it helps this baby process!

Then, I had an ultrasound. This was Sunday morning, awesome Dr B is in-office whenever someone needs something done. During that ultrasound he looks for my eggs and finds three of them in there on the left side. Two are a little larger than the third and are OK to be released if we are in a hurry. But, he suggests we wait one more day and let them get a little bigger and a little better.

So, Monday morning, I have another ultrasound and Dr B smiles and says “you’ve earned yourself a shot”.  This is the trigger shot that makes me ovulate. It’s the ‘release the hounds’ shot! It went in my hip and left a spot that feels like a bruise there. Thankfully, I didn’t really have side effects with that drug either. There’s a not-fun list of side effects that could’ve made this process much more difficult. I’m feeling grateful and blessed I didn’t have them. Especially since I may end up needing to go through this process again on stronger doses.

Alrighty,  that brings us to:
Today! is the first of two days for my IUIs (intrauterine insemination). We are praying hard that one of those little eggs turns into what I like to call a sticky bean. We need a happy fertilization today and then a good attachment in the right place.  If God continues to smile on us over the next couple of days we’ll be on our way to growing a baby!

That. Is. So. Exciting!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about when and how we’ll know it worked…
The normal (nail biting) two week wait and pregnancy test don’t change for all the rest of it. We wait and see. We hope I don’t begin the cycle again and get to see two lines on the pee stick. 🙂 The next two weeks might be the longest of our lives! We’re so glad you’re waiting and praying with us!


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