AJ’s Nursery

Disclaimer: I’ve never tried doing a photographic room tour so expect imperfection. 🙂 

We’re very close to complete around here with our girl’s room. AND since we’re two weeks from bringing that little one home I thought now might be a good time to show you what her home looks like. Let’s start at her door and go counter-clockwise around her space…

The bag on her door handle is ready to go to the hospital with us when the time comes. Her book shelves have filled out wonderfully thanks to our many baby shower guests. Fun fact: those two pillows on the bottom shelf were the hub’s and mine when we were little. It’s nice to pass down a few of our things. She’s got blankets from both of us as well. Also, that little tractor on the top shelf is a bank, bought after a tractor pull the year we were dating/engaged. It’s been waiting a long time to sit on that shelf!

Rocking chair inherited from Amara’s great-grandmother at the ready. Her heavy pink curtains are blackout curtains since the sun rises in her window.

Her little mobile/flower installation was created with help from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and I hope Amara likes looking up at it as much as I do. Her changing table/dresser is stocked with diapering needs, current fitting clothes, receiving blankets and swaddles. The bottom two drawers are bigger clothes I don’t need easy access to yet. She’s got a few toys tucked in a bin under her bed, including a rabbit pillow that was her dad’s and a doll that was mine. A doll that was laid next to me to show how little I was when I was born. I think it might be fun to recreate that photo with Amara.

AJ’s crib is made up even though it’ll be a little while before she sleeps here. (She’ll sleep next to our bed at first.) I read somewhere that you should layer up your mattress liners and sheets so if you have to change the bed in the middle of the night all you do is pull off a layer. So that’s what I’ve done. Added bonus: no need to store extra sheets in a drawer they’re either on the bed or in the wash. Mini Maggie her puppy from Nana is waiting for her. We’ve also got a basket waiting for the bathroom renovation currently going on to be finished; her towels, soaps and bath toys will have a home in there. 

The next few sizes in clothes are hanging in the closet. She has an empty bin at the top for too-small-clothes to go into as she out grows them. There’s also a diapering stash bin, a quilt/blanket bin, and a bin for toys that require her to be a little older to use. The tall dresser in the closet holds her going-out knits; hats, sweaters, etc. It also holds bibs, burp cloths, more blankets…Yes, we are blanket heavy around here! But there’s a mix of receiving, muslin, knit/crochet, and quilts so she’s got a blanket, or 3, for all occasions. I also think some will migrate to grandparent’s houses over time. Then other drawers have a few baby wearing supplies and a shopping cart cover for when she’s able to sit in one. There’s room in both her dressers for more things if we need, only a few of the drawers in each are packed full.

She’s got a basket of infant toys, and her first broncos hat on top of this dresser as well. And then lastly we have her humidifier, her diaper pail, and space for the small CD player we plan to buy to play her lullaby CDs on. The art print on the wall here was a gift from my mom and what I kindof based the colors in her room around. The words at the bottom are these:

I have a premonition that soars on silver wings, it’s a dream of your accomplishment of many wondrous things. I do not know beneath which sky or where you’ll challenge fate, I only know it will be high! I only know it will be great!


{Weekending} chaos


Saturday lazy morning with the girls keeping watch… and probably wondering when the heck breakfast will be ready.

We’ve got a busy weekend to begin just as soon as we finish an episode of The A Team and manage to crawl out of bed.

Saturday will be full of tractor stuff and family time. Sunday is when we go in bright and early for my next ultrasound to see if we can plan out how the rest of our IUI week will go. We also have to empty our bedroom and pull up the old carpet because new carpet is coming next week. This is on the heels of stripping and painting the nursery that will also have new carpet.

We’re in a funny mix of tractor project – family project – home project – medical stuff – life right now. It feels like chaos to me. I have the ability to multitask but too many things going at once makes me anxious. I’m a one-track minded creature a lot of the time. Luckily life gives me ample opportunity to work on that!

Here’s to a full, messy, life filled weekend for you and for me!

{Weekending} with color


We celebrated my birthday this weekend. Two days early, but since I’m a fan of week-long celebrations it was all ok by me.

Saturday was a day for trying new things. I’d been wanting to go to the restaurant at Fort Collins Brewery since we were supposed to go for our anniversary. That didn’t work out so I planned my birthday party to make up for it. I filled a table (or three) with family and friends. Hello, blessing!

Gravity 1020 was a bit more gourmet and fancy food than our normal Chili’s and Applebees fare. We tried several things, six appetizers plus a main…it was a perfect special occasion lunch. Everything was yummy, and I had a blast trying new tastes. Grilled flatbread with peaches and poblanos? Bring it on.

They also made me an incredible carrot cake birthday cake. I just asked for a cake and they did the deciding. It was great. A massive thing that was delicious!

We took a brewery tour as well, and sampled a dozen beers…5 full time, 7 seasonal. Sadly, we only really liked one of them – Wit & Wild. It was the experience that was so much fun. Trying new things, even if we didn’t love them all.

My family and I wondered old town Fort Collins after lunch. There was a car show happening and my car guy had to get in a little peek. Then for dinner we tried another new place called Scrumpy’s Hard Cider Bar. The tasting there went way better! Six different ciders and we didn’t leave any in the glasses. My favorite was Foxbarrel Blackberry Pear. Yum!

So, Saturday was full up of bright memory making awesomeness!


Come Sunday I decided to quit staring at the square of blue on our bedroom wall and just go for it. And I did. I tackled painting our ceiling too, which is why I only got one wall done. I wanted to be done painting by dinner. The ceiling was more grey than I realized -fresh white paint will really show you some dirt.

For the wall color I choose to go with the pale blue in the quilt; a color called Sparkling Spring. I waffled with grey or a more grey-blue, in the end going with a brighter option. The hubs liked that color best anyway. I’m just ready for the lightness it brings our room, even though I find the dark gold of our previous color warm and inviting.

So, I painted enough to get the bed moved…oh yeah, I’m rearranging while I’m at it. Yep, hubs was super excited about that, too. He puts up with my indecisive decorator mind so well! He even got our bedside lamps moved for me so it feels like the one wall is really done. I’ve just a little more to do. I think it’ll be a busy week! It was certainly a busy, colorful weekending!

What’s been keeping you busy lately? Celebrating? Decorating? Life?
How was your weekending?

Added Blessing


Last night we moved the dining room table to its new position in the old family room. I laid down a blanket we bought in Mexico on our honeymoon. I lit candles, I made a simple dinner, and we sat down at that table together. We prayed, we talked, it was the first time we’ve done this just him + me. No more dinner while staring at the TV every night for us. The dining room table is no longer to be cluttered with mail and stuff and collecting things. Our dining room table is now for gathering people and having connection everyday, not just for entertaining. It’s the added blessing of rearranging and redecorating this space. It’s becoming more of a reflection of him + me and making us more of a reflection of that too.

How to make your husband sigh

…and shake his head.
And, possibly, rethink having gotten married in the first place.

Step one: Get new windows.


Step two: Decide to rearrange the entire house now that the drafty and perpetually dusty windows have been made beautiful.


That’s basically it.

I’ve packed up my entire craft room and emptied the walls of our wide open downstairs to repaint. The craft space is becoming a living room/office area. The current living room is becoming a large dining area. The current dining area is becoming an expanded kitchen and breakfast nook.

It’s musical rooms around here. Along with fresh paint and a good cleaning. Even doing one room at a time I’ve got my husband giving me weary glances and sighs when I say “Honey, could you help me for a minute?”

My family has commented on how much I move furniture, and (truth be told) rooms. My feeling is when I finally get it to the place that feels just right I won’t have to move it around anymore. Right?? Right.

Are you an avid furniture mover or do you like your space constant? How often do you give your house a good overhaul? I keep telling my guy I’m not the only one that likes to rearrange their space. Though I’m pretty sure if he’d known his winter was gonna look like this he’d have opted to hibernate. It’s a good thing he loves me so much.

In the midst of my creative space upheaval I have managed to keep my knitting bag separate. So for a while longer my creative space will be that bag. Which is fine by me, you know, all those cowls to knit and whatnot.


I don’t mind one bit.  🙂

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