:::right now:::

Right now it’s four-thirty a.m. and I’ve just finished the middle of the night pump and feed.

Right now I’m feeling a little shocked that the babe didn’t wake on her own an hour ago. (I woke her up making noise coming to pump.) 

Right now I’m feeling good about this baby thing; feeling like we’ve turned a corner in new-parent-sanity.

Right now I’m not ready to go back to bed, even though I should, because I just want to sit and watch her a while. I think about how excited I am for her milestones, for next stages, for all she’ll do and be. 

Right now I’m a little overwhelmed with my gratitude for this little person, and so utterly in love with her every little thing… She sighs. She grunts. She licks and coos. She pulls, kicks and pushes. She’s learning to move her body and make herself known and I love it.

Right now her hands are thrown up and open in that startle response way that she has and is so her to me. So funny. So cute. I hope I always remember this way she slept when she’s ten and I watch her sleep.

Right now I admit there have been moments I thought I’d bitten off more than I could chew with this girl and wondered how I’d ever thought I could do this. Sleep deprivation was so much nicer to me at twenty-five. 

Right now if I were asked for new-mom advice I’d tell you to research sleep and focus on sleep and getting that schedule worked out for your family. All the rest will come so much easier if you get the sleep key. And, oh my gosh, trust your body to adjust, it takes time, it happens slowly, but as it does you’ll rejoice. 

Right now I’m thinking about how our day will go tomorrow, how the week will follow it… My list of projects looks like this: Stuffed shells freezer meals, hang baptism quilt, create baptism shadow box, hang box and cross, changing table pads sewing project, laundry, dishes, dust, hockey.

Right now I’m interested to see how long she’ll sleep on that little dream state snack and need to go back to bed to prepare my own self for the next waking. 

Right now she’s grunting for her bottle…I knew that last bit wasn’t enough… Glad I’m still sitting here to accommodate until she drifts off again… Three ounces chugged and she’s wiggle stretching back to sleep…

Goodnight….Err…. Good morning. 🙂


:::right now:::


Right now: it’s 7:39am, and I’ve been awake about 40 minutes.

Right now: I’m thinking about having a second cup of Chili Chai tea with cinnamon honey because I woke up with a headache.

Right now: I believe I really need to learn to drink more water consistently.

Right now: I’m anticipating kissing the guy next to me when he leaves for a tractor pull in twenty minutes.

Right now: I’m contemplating a strange dream in which I got married again to this same guy. In a park with too many people, and with dishes that don’t match for the reception that nobody noticed until it was too late. -and which overwhelmed me making me hide in the bathroom.

Right now: I’m remembering what it felt like to wake up to fear and horror on the news many years ago; where I was, how it felt, how I prayed, how we rallied in the aftermath.

Right now: I begin and end my days with tiny pale blue pills, and I sprinkle little cream colored ones all along the path from one to another.

Right now: I’m excited that with these cool morning temps and the coming of Fall comes a renewed routine with favorite people and a little more structure to my weeks.

Right now: I’m thankful for ‘yes’s where I thought there would be ‘no’s. -Yes, you can have a reduced price. Yes, I can go on a trip with you. Yes, I understand the anxiety. Yes, I’ll help you figure it out. Yes, it will be ok.

Right now: I’m going to drink my tea, try to focus only on the concerns of today, and start my day with a willing spirit.

::: right now :::


:: right now It’s 7:23 a.m., my guy has been gone to work for nearly an hour.

:: right now I’m still in bed, reluctant to leave the warm and cozy.

:: right now I did a little Christmas shopping from my Amazon app already this morning. It’s that time of year!

:: right now I’m having a love/hate relationship with autumn. Love cooler weather; hate waking up to dark mornings.

:: right now I’m feeling thankful for my circle of friends. I want to do something special for them but don’t know what.

:: right now I’m already thinking about what to make for dinner and what crafty something I want to get done today.

:: right now I’m guessing that crafty something might be finishing the second half to a pair of embroidered pillow cases. A handmade holiday gift! I finished the first one (above) yesterday.
:: right now I’m realizing today is the last day for my September photo challenge over on Instagram. It’s the last day of September! Where has the time gone?

:: right now I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. The guy and I don’t celebrate Halloween. Partly because we don’t have kids, partly because it just doesn’t excite us.

:: right now I’m trying to decide (yes, already!) on a Christmas tree. Put one up? Don’t put one up? Our fake one? A real one? Traditional ornaments? My beloved red birds? Ah, decisions!

:: right now I’m loving keeping my gift list in my phone. (That Cozi calendar/shopping/to-do app is my fave.) Slowly checking them off, already wanting to wrap them up.

:: right now I’m anticipating needing a nap later. Still tired due to restless animals keeping us up, but can’t sleep with happy thoughts of the next few months rolling around in my head.

::: Right Now:::


Right now it’s 2:27a.m.

Right now I’ve been up for an hour and can’t seem to stop thinking about the tiniest of moments.

Right now I’m listening to the hotel air conditioner run and missing my own sheets, blanket, and bed.

Right now I’m worried about correcting a wrong assumption.

Right now I’m worried about saying good bye.

Right now I’m rolling a new tattoo design around in my head for when I get home.

Right now I’m so grateful for how this week has gone.

Right now I’m so sad about how this week has gone.

Right now I’m wishing the morning takes forever to get here.

Right now I’m finally yawning again.

::: Right Now:::


Right now it’s 10:58am, and I’ve been up since 4am.

Right now I’m drinking lots of hot tea because my throat hurts and is rough and tight.

Right now I’m so happy this is on my counter and I get to eat/wear the happiness. (I’ll eat my orange over the sink so I don’t end up wearing it too.)


Right now I desperately need to vacuum, and maybe make something for lunch.

Right now there is chirping, snoring, and intermittent dream barking coming from my kids. (Pets for those of you who don’t know me personally.) 🙂

Right now my head is full of knitting and gifting. Lots and lots. I’m loving my new ‘Knitting Pattern Database’ app.

Right now I’m dorkishly happy about making gift bags for my Avon customers without a pattern. (I just added dorkishly to my phone’s dictionary. lol.)


Right now I’m looking forward to the end result of home work and hanging these on the wall of my new creative space.


Right now it looks like a beautiful day outside and I’m hoping your day is beautiful too.

::Right Now::

:: Right now it is 1:58a.m. & I can’t sleep.

:: Right now I am worried about a friend.

:: Right now I am too hot, too cold, thirsty, hungry, itchy, wiggly, trying not to wake up my husband.

:: Right now I can’t stop going over what I should have said, what could have happened, what might have been.

:: Right now I’m excited about Christmas presents; both giving them and receiving them.

:: Right now I want to bake cookies, but equally don’t want to get out of bed.

:: Right now I’m anxious about upcoming gatherings.

:: Right now I’m hoping for a miracle.

:: Right now I’m trying to talk myself out of getting my hopes up.

:: Right now I’m happy about our teeny tiny Christmas tree; with its teeny tiny lights and ornaments.

:: Right now I’m wishing God would answer prayers in a big way instead of letting us feel desperate and forgotten and alone. Sometimes it feels like He wants us to exercise our faith too damn much.

:: Right now I’m thankful for an oddly, unsinkable, hopeful and optimistic spirit.

:: Right now I wish I knew how to share it.

:: Right now I’m loving flannel sheets and quilts.

:: Right now I’m listening to the train whistle and telling myself to give this sleep thing another shot.

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