Project Life’s Throwback Thursdays

So, I have a envelope given to us by my SIL that is full of old photos. When she started scrapbooking again she went through her pictures and realized she had multiples of a whole bunch of childhood photos of their family.

That envelope has been shuffled from placed to place without a real home for um…a year? Two? I’m not really sure. You see prior to that we got a very similar stack from my MIL when she went through her old photos. That first stack ended up in one of our overflow photo albums. This second stack was so much extra.

I just couldn’t throw it away! There’s awesome childhood pictures of my guy and his family in there! But, I didn’t know what to do with them.

Then I thought about how I’ve enjoyed seeing old photos of people on Instagram with hashtags for Throwback Thursday. #tbt

I made Throwback Thursday cards for my Project Life album. It’ll be fun to have those old gems mixed in years from now I think. I’m pretty excited about it, really. It feels like new twist on old favorites.

Score one for popular hashtag-ing!

Are you using Project Life this year?
Have any little twists making your memory keeping on it’s toes?

I’ve really come to love PL. I love that you can record your life week to week if you want, which I don’t, OR you can do it month to month, which is more my style. You can do it season to season, a collection of random days, make an album of just Saturdays, just mornings, every other Tuesday. I love that it’s designed to be endlessly customizable and all the parts work together. Cards from any number of themes fit in ready made pockets. You can throw it together with basic prints and no cutting or fancy it up to your heart’s content!

So yeah.
I’m excited for Project Life 2014.
It’s awesome.
That is all.


Armchair Bunting


Creativity can come to a grinding halt when you’re uncomfortable. I’ve been spending lots of time in the seated/reclining position tethered to the nearest outlet by my heating pad. I’ve had plenty of time to be making while here, but not much motivation. My bag of crafts has been within arm’s reach for the last week and only today was I motivated and feeling good enough to dig in.

I managed to finish that pillowcase embroidery project that was dogging me this last month. With a great big sigh I tied off the last stitch…And went hunting for the next thing to make, of course!

I’ve had this idea for lacy paper doilies turned into bunting floating around my head for a while. Turns out it’s a perfect crafty thing to do from your armchair!

Here’s what I used:

Glue sticks
Paper doilies (found in the baking section of my local grocery store)

Here’s what I did:

Fold paper doilies in half.
Smear glue on the solid center part of the doilies.
Sandwich ribbon in the fold.
Rinse and repeat down whatever length of ribbon makes you happy!

I left about a foot of ribbon at the beginning and end of my bunting for hanging.

Have I told you how much I love bunting? It’s like instant happy!

Cheesey Romance Novel – Art


Sometimes I like romance…
In real life…
In book form…
(Nora Roberts in this case)
The kinds of books you don’t have to think too hard about, the kind you read to just spend the afternoon in fantasy land. I tend to devour these books in hours and not really remember what I read the next day. An escape. Sometimes we all need one of those.


Only this time a paragraph just stuck with me. I thought, Yes, I know just what you mean. So I hesitated only a moment before ripping out that page.

I pulled out all my lovey sweet scrapbook supplies and made a little piece of art. Just a silly thing for the smiles. For the truth of it. A little love note, to hang in our bedroom.

Because it’s no secret I love my guys hands. Rough, scarred; a working mans hands. Strong and sure. The hands and the man.

Sometimes the best way to say it is to hang it on the wall. Is to see it.
In a marriage everyday doesn’t feel like a romance novel…but sometimes sometimes it does.

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